What is a Choker Necklace Set? The History of the Style and How to Wear it Now: A blog about Choker

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

The choker can initially be divided up into two different phrases “Choke” “Er”. Indicating the initial use of how to wear this beautiful Choker Necklace Set. Being worn tight on to neck it can nearly make the wearer choke.

This piece of jewelry is designed to encircle the throat, just under the chin. It might seem a little uncomfortable to wear, but it actually is appropriate for any occasion, from casual to very formal ones.

From velvet, beads, leather, latex, silver, gold, or even platinum, you can get these choker necklaces in a huge variety of materials. Adding sequins, studs, or a pendant to your choker piece can give it an extravagant look.

With reference to the Indian Context, chokers are an ethical edition to the divine Indian culture. Enhancing scope for layering other necklaces including sat-Lada and gutthu pusalu with the choker ones. Eventually, team up with other necklines beautifully except for boat or high necklines.

Being one of the most versatile pieces in the world of jewelry, it can be easily paired with both traditional and western outfits. Whether you have a sangeet function or wedding reception, it is one of the ideal choices.


The choker set has a deep history back from the days of early civilization. Women from Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia wore huge chokers with other neckpieces. Whilst, empowering them while protecting them under uncertain circumstances. Even being associated with fashion, the chokers sets meant discrete meaning under discrete situations.

In the French Revolution of 1798, ribbons were worn around the neckline especially red ones to pay homage to the ones who met death during the guillotine. Similarly in the 19th century, Upper-class citizens and Ballerinas wore unique types of choker sets. Wearing a plain or thin or red/ black ribbon choker was tied to the necklines of prostitution.

With fine pearl and diamond studs chokers, from the Edwardian Era, this was originally owned by William Noble Rare Jewels in Dallas. Gaining immense popularity in the Belle Epoque during the late 19th century. Owned by Alexandra of Denmark as being a part of British Nobility.

From the 1990s the beaded chokers from the hippie era with the plastic tattoo chokers were some of the most demanded and outstanding chokers from that time. Crafted with high-quality refined materials these choker sets never gained the same popularity which they achieved once.

Guide to wear it right- Choker sets

There is no magic formula to wear a choker set but there are definitely some goods tips that you need to keep in mind. With our simple guide, you can start out with the journey of choker sets and rock any moment.

TIP 1: Complement it with a small earrings set

One of the biggest tips for a choker set is to minimize the size of your earring. Since your neck is an adjunct to your face, in case, you are adding large earrings with your choker neckpiece. Then your earrings are going to touch your choker which is definitely not going to look appealing.

You can opt for smaller earnings as large statement earrings are just going to detract the choker while making your face look boxy. So before adding an earring set make sure that it complements well.


The next thing which you need to consider when styling your choker neckpiece appropriately is the neckline of your customers that you are going to wear with it. For instance, a crew neckline in addition to a matching palette of colors is a prudent method to pair your choker set with your outfit.

Let’s say, you have a velvet choker set with darker shades then you can pair it with a plain dark t-shirt or kurta set. Visualize it will act as an extension to your custom.


One of the most elevated ways to style a choker set is by layering different chokers. You need to select a metal color with an accent to have a detailed and designated neckband. The golden rule of having an adorable look with a choker set is to opt for thinner ones in the morning and thicker ones in the night. You don’t just have to stay up to the basic black, you can opt for midnight blue/ red and many more other colors.

Looking for an unusual look?

You can pair it with the lariat neckpiece. This neckpiece comes without a clasp, you are required to just knot it up with the jewelry itself. A part of this neckpiece flows down to represent a pendant illusion. If you are looking for a sophisticated formal look then you just need to add a lariat necklace to the front and leave the trails to drape down your back.


Started with a revivalist trend, it has now evolved into having its own recognition. With a huge number of varieties, the Choker Necklace Set has now evolved with the best of the pieces available online. The following are some of the latest trends that have been in the style for quite a while. Find the one which suits you and relive your Choker life by slaying in the trend.

1- The good old Nineties

Being one of the nostalgic lovelies these are fun with adventure to wear in any season. These chokers tend to have a thickness of 1-2cm, whilst perfect to match your everyday look by slaying casually. You can even opt for them for a special occasion or try them on a getaway. The classic gothic velvet choker with a sparkling charm and the tattoo-influenced necklaces are the ones that are most opted for.

2- Ribbons & Bows

The trend of ribbons & bows was initiated in the nineties. With a delicate and feminine nod to the ballerinas, this choker style is one of the best versions. Your ribbon can either be thicker or you can have a velvet choker while mimicking the look from influencers. On the other hand, you can tie a thin ribbon with a cute bow and embrace the look sweetly. For adding an edgy look to your feminine one, you can opt for a wrap-style bow neckpiece.

3- Chunky Chains

Sometimes it’s just going home or goes big. At that time opting for chunky chains is what you can add the most. A chunky chain may just give you the right refreshing change which you were looking for. With the all-metal and no-frills look, you will get a refined look with this Choker Necklace is a must-have look for every one of you.

4- Crystals

Every choker lover is looking for something that they can wear at any time around the day. With the embellished and crystallized choker pieces, you can play the game with style and elegance. It is best to wear down an evening gown and bow down the look. These necklaces never go out of trend are one of the most opted and loved ones from the late 19th century. A little bit of sparkle does not harm anyone.


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