Get Ready for those Wedding, Engagement, and Family Functions

Wedding season is in full swing, which often means lots of family functions to put you in an awkward position. Some of these functions might be simple standbys like graduation or housewarming parties. But the most fun is the family reunions, wedding celebrations, and baby showers before or after your actual friend’s wedding. ​

There’s a flurry of events going on this time of year. You have a wedding to attend next weekend, your cousin’s friends are all getting married, and your family wedding is next month. But you won’t be alone in these situations. Family functions are something that everyone can relate to. They can be wonderful but when they aren’t, they can be the biggest nightmare. More than anything, weddings and wedding planning can be tough for people in general, but in case you’re in the thick of it right now. Being a wedding guest may be thrilling but at the same time brings the nuptials to attend the wedding functions. And, for each function, you need a different outfit which can be quite a work. We are here to help you find suitable outfits for every occasion.


Most of the wedding rituals in India began with a Tilak ceremony or Shanti Havan. It tends to be a semi-formal occasion, your ideal outfit should be simple and at the same time comfortable. This ritual usually involves a bonfire. It is advisable to wear something made out of fabrics. Try to avoid long sleeves and heavy dupattas. Ethnic dresses tend to be perfect during this ceremony.


One of the messiest yet delightful ceremonies is the Haldi ceremony. For this event, it is crucial to opt for clothes that do not submerge in turmeric paste. This ritual involves applying Haldi on the bride and groom’s faces. It is ideal to opt for a printed saree or suit, semi-formal palazzo suit, and so on. In addition, you can opt for floral accessories to give a bit of glam.


In this ceremony, hands are decorated with henna designs while adding a scent of eucalyptus oils in the air. This is one of the jolliest functions in Indian weddings. Opting for a floral suit or floral lehenga choli is considered to be the best. You can also go with the latest trend of pink and pastels at this ceremony.


This ceremony is one of the melodious evenings of any wedding that includes enormous dance performances performed by the family and friends. The audience's energy is quite high in this ceremony. The dress code of this ceremony tends to be of a lot of bling and dazzle. Opting for a traditional lehenga or Anarkali suit is perfect.

Ring Ceremony

This day is considered to be the day of exchanging rings between the couple. The ring ceremony usually takes place one or two days prior to the wedding. You can go to this ceremony with an elegant indo-western gown or with a plain saree with a statement blouse.


Seven vows- seven circles that bond the relationship between the bride and the groom. It involves a series of rituals with an appropriate dress code. If you are the guest, then opting for silk sarees or wedding saree or lehenga choli is an ideal choice. In addition, you can wear sparkling jewelry to complete the look.


This is a post-wedding party where relatives, friends, and associates to a decorated stage for blessing the newlyweds. Usually, there is no dress code for this ceremony, yet the ideal choice is opting for traditional or indo-western attire. You can also go for sequined sarees and crystal stone embroidered garments for the reception party.