About Us

Based in Bangalore, Rainbow Collective, formerly known as Rainbow Collections, is a home-grown contemporary design label. Inspired by the richness of Indian culture, our work reflects the peculiarities of our community. We have a keen eye for detail. Hence, we make sure that each of our creation signifies fine craftsmanship and design aesthetic. Driven by quality, Rainbow Collective believes in the appeal of historic beauty; so, creatively exploring the depths of this history is at the heart of whatever we do.

Our Vision

The rich Indian culture is the thread that binds us. We passionately work to weave this thread of ethnicity into our products and bring you an extensive range of traditional craftsmanship with the finest quality and innovative designs.

What do we Aim?

We aim to become the maestro of Indian bridal trousseau and fashion jewellery by adopting a quality-driven approach. Our customers and employees are our pillars of strength. With their constant support, we wish to provide products that are a perfect blend of functionality and magnificence.